I'm a Storyteller.

I've always believed that half of what I do as a cartoonist/artist is
really about writing -- or more precisely, storytelling.

Visual Storytelling!

Communicating with images should be relatively easy. After all, a picture is
supposed to be worth a thousand words (or is it ten thousand?).

But it's still all about telling a story... whether it's a brief, simple idea or joke, or a long, intricate epic!

In my career, I've received help and encouragement from a great many people -- and I'm a strong believer in "Paying It Forward"!
I try to do that through teaching.
I've created and taught courses in cartooning, storytelling, basic animation, and illustration.
(I was recently invited to teach the topic for a month at an animation school in China!)

I also enjoy acting as an "Ambassador" for Visual Storytelling...
so I created some Illustrated Lectures on the subject.

In my presentations, I discuss things that are a big part of everyone's daily life
but often go unnoticed or taken for granted: cartoons, illustrations, graphics, designs, visual stories.
The talks are all profusely illustrated, and include:

  • Storyboards: Hollywood's Secret Weapon

  • Editorial Cartoons: Opinions can be Dangerous -- even deadly

  • The History of Visual Storytelling: Cartoons and Illustrations have been around almost as long as we have

  • Comic Books and Graphic Novels: America's 'Skeletons in the Closet' and 'Black Sheep'?

  • Effective Storytelling: Pictures ARE worth thousands of words!

  • The Comic World Around Us: cartoons from and about all over the world

  • How Cartoons Affect Our Lives: Propaganda and Opinion, Fashion and Lifestyle, Comic Books and Hollywood

  • Famous Cartoonists: You'd be Surprised Who Likes to Cartoon

  • Tell Your Own Story: Basics of storytelling for your blog, book, or video

  • If you'd like to sponsor one or more of my presentations, please contact me!

    Nelson Dewey

    or 1-250-744-2039